Call for nominations for the post of the Assistant General Secretary (2023 -2025)

Dear SONA members,

It is my pleasure to call for Nominations for the post of the Assistant General Secretary (2023 -2025). The election will be conducted during the SONA General Assembly at the 16th SONA/ Annual SANS Conference scheduled for 11-14 July 2023 at Johannesburg, South Africa.

Requirements: The candidate for Assistant Secretary General

  1. Must be a fully paid-up financial Member of SONA (Contact the SONA Secretariat on to confirm the status of your payment of 2023 Annual dues).
  2. Hold a full-time position at an academic or research Institution in Africa.
  3. Must have organized a Neuroscience activity in his/her country or in an African country of Residence.
  4. Must be present at SONA 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa or Provide a cohent reason for inability to attend in-person.
  5. Not a member of IBRO African Regional Committee (ARC).
  6. Must not be a current member of the SONA executive committee except if he/she resigns the current position on the Executive.

The Assistant Secretary-General shall perform such duties as shall be assigned by the Secretary-General or the Executive Committee whether the Secretary-General is present or not.  The Assistant Secretary-General shall also be directly responsible for collecting annual activity reports from the Regional Secretaries, maintain contact with the Regional Neuroscience Societies and report proposals for changes in the Constitution. The Assistant Secretary-General shall be a member of the Publication Committee towards the establishment of a Journal for the Society.

Only SONA members who have paid membership fees have the right to nominate candidate and vote at the General Assembly. The Nominee will need to submit a signed Letter accepting his/her Nomination and a copy of Curriculum Vitae.

Nominations have to be sent to the SONA General Secretary at the SONA secretariat at

The deadline will be midnight on Friday, 30 June 2023 South African time. No nominations will be accepted after the deadline.

Secretary-General, SONA