SONA Education Committee

Functions: Act as mentors to younger colleagues in matters of Research visits, travel grants, grant writing, educational programmes. take advantage of the current electronic academic learning platforms and with time, they might be able to organise and host online course(s)/webinar or other courses during SONA Meetings that could attract some additional funding for SONA.

Members: All past James Kimani Lecture Awardees:

Desire Tshala-Katumbay (Requested to Chair the Committee)
Richard Idro
Samir Ahboucha
Rufus Akiyemi
Noelene Nakasujja
Amira Zaky

Some nominated members and recipients of IBRO Fellowship and/or the IBRO/ISN Fellowships).
Willias Masocha

SONA Finance Committee

Chaired by the SONA Treasurer.

Functions: Provided financial oversight for the Society. Brainstorm on making SONA a financially self-sustaining Society.

Drive the collection of all funds for SONA, under the supervision of the SONA treasurer

Oversee the fund received from IBRO directly for Secretariat Support or through the IBRO-African Regional Committee (IBRO-ARC)

Proposed Budgeting for SONA


Prof Sadiq Yusuf

Prof Victor Owoyele

Secretary General – Ex-Officio member

SONA Awards Committee

Chaired by the Secretary-General.

Functions: Reviewing possible Conference related Prizes for best poster/oral presenter. Review applications for SONA Travel Grant when funding become available. Identify and recommend those who have made significant contributions to the existence of SONA for induction into the “SONA Hall of Fame”. (Past Office Bearers of SONA, some consistent Workshop/School Organizers and some Participants at least seven (7) SONA Conferences.